Dan Kittredge, Executive Director, Bionutrient Food Association
Strategy & Vision: Launch of the Real Food Campaign
Dorn Cox, Founder, farmOS
Mike Stenta, Developer, farmOS
farmOS: Dynamic Platform for Collaboration
Greg Austic, Founder,
David Forster, Agronomist, Bionutrient Food Association
Open Hardware, Citizen Science, and the Bionutrient Meter / Defining Food Quality
Various speakers
Movement Engagement & Relevance: Leadership Perspectives
Breakout Session Insights


Anne Biklé, Biologist, author, and gardener
Microbiomes, Roots, and Guts
Bob Streit, Agronomist, plant scientist, crop consultant, and international speaker
Lots of Calories, But Lacking in Nutrition: Millennials and 'alt' consumers expect changes<
Trouble Brewing in Modern Ag Production and Possible Solutions
Christine Jones, PhD, Founder of Amazing Carbon (Australia) and soil ecologist
Soil Carbon: From microbes to mitigation
Nitrogen: The double-edged sword
David Forster, BFA Staff Agronomist, soil and farm consultant
Introduction to Soil Minerals
David Montgomery, MacArthur Fellow Professor of Geomorphology at University of Washington and author
Bringing Our Soil Back to Life: Restoring fertility to feed the world and cool the planet
Derek Christianson, Brix Bounty Farm, farmer, and consultant
Aiming for Quality Growth: Supplementing nitrogen in vegetable production while maintaining quality
Glen Rein, PhD, Strategic research scientist/innovator
Effect of Structured Water on Plant Growth and Metabolism
Guido Masé, RH (AHG), Clinical herbalist, herbal educator, and author
Connecting the Ecologies: How to harness the links between the world inside us and the world around us to promote optimal health
Jessica Smith, Ecological farmer, educator, author, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
#GrowFood: Mobilizing the Movement
John Mahshie, Executive Director of Veterans Healing Farm and farmer
Low-tech Farm Hacks: New ideas from a young farmer
Jonathan R Latham, PhD, Co-founder/Executive Director of the Bioscience Resource Project
What is Life? A Workshop.
Kathleen DiChiara, FDN-P, BNI-P, Integrative health & nutrition coach, and author
Nutritional Healing: Harnessing the power of your gut microbes and repaving your biochemical pathways with the nutrients hidden in your food
How to Heal the Gut and Restore Your Vitality With Nutrition
Mark Cohen, Independent organic inspector, farmer, ethnobotanist, naturalist, educator, and consultant
Restoring Diversity and Resilience: Strategies for water, food, and energy security in a changing climate
ML Altobelli, Founder of Greenery in Motion and consultant
Off the Back of a Truck: How to use bionutrient dense principles in urban and suburban gardens
Norman Uphoff, Professor Emeritus Cornell University, Government and International Agriculture
Biofortification of Staple Foods Through Agronomic Means Rather Than Varietal Changes
Ray Archuleta, Soil conservationist, water quality / soil health specialist, and conservation agronomist
Mimic Nature
Richard Olree, DC, Doctor of Chiropractic and author
Minerals and the Brain
Minerals Bad for Human Health
Minerals and Hair Testing
Minerals and the Acupuncture Concept
Questions on Health-Related Problems
Tim LaSalle, PhD, Co-founder & co-director of Regenerative Agriculture Initiative, Chico State University
What Fixes Climate, Hunger, Water Shortages, Erosion, and Nutrient Density?
Vail Dixon, Founder of Simple Soil Solutions and regenerative farmer
The Wild Professor: Using nature as mentor