BFA Chapters

The Bionutrient Food Association (BFA) is committed to establish local chapters around the the country, and ultimately worldwide, that will serve as the nodes of the grassroots movement and together work towards increasing quality in the food supply.

Chapter Formation

  • Identify people within your community that have an interest and stake in increasing quality of the food supply.
  • Create an informal gathering to invite those identified in community, i.e. Meetup group, potluck, film and discussion.
  • Establish core group from informal meetings. At least 13 BFA members in good standing.
  • Keep records of the initial steps towards becoming a chapter.

Chapter Benefits & Projects

Mineral Depots

Providing members with access to critical amendments at bulk prices.

Food Cooperatives

Sourcing food with high bionutrient levels for members/ marketing for farmers.

Consumer Education

Leading lectures and discussions on food quality, and engaging with local groups.

Grower Education

Sponsoring and/or teaching free introductory lectures with follow-up two day course.

Networking with Allied Organizations

Developing relationships with local leaders, strategists, and organizations who are allied with the principle of increasing quality in the food supply.

Food Quality Research

Local collaboration among growers to analyze each other’s crops through taste, Brix readings, touch and smell, share best practices and submit samples of crops for lab analysis.

Start a BFA Chapter

If you are interested in helping to start a local chapter in your area, reach out to us!