The mission of the Bionutrient Food Association is to increase quality in the food supply.

Our strategy is to use enlightened self interest to create the reality we want to see. We do not feel that it is necessary to fight the forces that we see as detrimental in the food system, but to simply educate, organize and empower those who understand what it is that we are working on. “When the people lead, the leaders will follow”.

Our first core constituency are growers of food. We understand that economic viability is an issue in the agricultural community, and so educating growers in the logistics of creating healthier soil ecosystems will result in greater yields from healthier plants that will effectively reduce the cost of production.

Our second core constituency are consumers of food. Those who understand the ramifications of higher quality food on their health and the health of those they care about will make pocketbook decisions accordingly. This simple fact contains the essence of how we propose to facilitate the shift in market forces necessary to increase quality in the food supply.

Our third core constituency are purveyors of food. Food is generally a small margin business, and if we can help retailers determine quality before they purchase, they can advertise a superior quality product while also knowing that shelf life will be increased.

With the development of our research project that will illuminate the embarrassing state of the food supply, consumers will have the power to discern food quality before purchase which will give the suppliers of food an incentive to source the best quality available.

We propose that if growers understand how to produce healthier food, and consumers have the ability to make purchasing decisions based on quality, then there will be a shift in the decisions that buyers, wholesalers, and retailers make regarding where they source the food they deal in.

There are numerous unintegrated allies that will be brought to bear as we begin to implement our strategy. Insurance companies for instance have a direct economic incentive for their customers to be healthier. The Massachusetts state government for instance has a stake in the health of its citizens due to the fact that the state covers the health care bill for all of its economically disadvantaged citizens. School systems who understand the correlation between nutrition and ability to learn and focus in children. The list goes on and on.

We propose to provide growers the information, relationships and markets for higher quality food. We propose to provide eaters the information, relationships and sources for higher quality food. We propose to provide food purveyors the information, relationships and consumers for higher quality food.

If this makes sense to you, we encourage you to get involved.