Amendment Suppliers

The basis of growing bionutrient rich food is putting the proper bacteria, mycorrhiza and minerals into the soil where they then use sunlight, water and air to build plant tissues replete with nutrients. Many of the minerals we recommend in biological farming are not available at garden centers, and shipping is always a consideration for some of the minerals needed in large quantities. Where do we get the specialized amendments that allow us to reach these optimum levels? The following is a list of companies which supply a variety of minerals, and while this is by no means comprehensive, it is a good starting point.

Some Sources of Mineral Amendments

Sea-90 Ocean Minerals

PO Box 682075, Marietta, GA 30068
Phone: (770) 361 6092

Inspired by the work of Dr. Maynard Murray, Sea-90 is an ocean mineral product featuring a comprehensive nutrient profile. Available as a livestock supplement and soil amendment, Sea-90 is designed to improve the health of all living things and will be a perfect addition to your farm or ranch. Sea-90 is harvested from recurring tidal activity in the Sea of Cortez, guaranteeing fresh minerals and trace elements throughout the year. Sea-90 products are OMRI Listed® for the production of all crops and livestock, and are produced by SeaAgri Solutions headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

International Ag Labs

800 W. Lake Avenue, P.O. Box 788, Fairmont, Minnesota 56031
Phone: 507 235 6909 | Fax: 507 235 9155

"The purpose of our company is to make soil better as we grow quality crops."
International Ag Labs is primarily a soil testing laboratory but they do sell soil amendments. They are the makers of Amaze. All of their products are formulated on the Reams method as taught by the late Carey Reams. Dan Skow, DMV, the author of Mainline Farming for Century 21, is part of the IAL team along with Wendell Owens and Jon C. Frank. They sell DVD courses on plant nutrition, growing stone fruits, reading the Morgan test and generally equipping growers to produce nutrient dense food.

Crop Services International

1718 Madison SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Phone: 1 800 260 7933 | Fax: 616 246 6039

In addition to a broad line of products, their site is a wealth of information on conserving mineral amendments, using fertilizers and chemicals, and applying them correctly, with many articles by Dr. Phillip Wheeler, the author of The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook. CSI advertises that they follow the precepts of Rudolph Steiner and mentions many others in the many articles posted on the website. They have several articles on cutting costs in sustainable farming. In addition to their educational function they do soil testing and make recommendations for individual field tests as well as a newsletter that always carries useful information.

Lancaster Agricultural Products

60 R. Ronks Road, Ronks, PA 17572
Phone: 717 687 9222 | Fax: 717 687 9355

Lancaster Ag is a faith-based company that strives to educate and inform as well as provide sustainable agriculture products to its clientele. They educate, consult and provide products that enable growers to raise sustainable and health giving foods. Their mentors are a long list of seminal thinkers with which you are all becoming familiar. Reuben Stoltzfus' company provides individual support for clients on all farm planning issues from seed, to feed, to organic veterinary care. They also do soil, water and plant tissue testing as well. Their online catalog is extensive and they have a section for gardeners.

Organic Grower Supply

Fedco Seeds, P.O. Box 520, Waterville, ME 04903
Phone: 207 873 7333 or 207 430 1106

Fedco Seeds is a worker and consumer-owned co-op, and is a mainstay of New England agriculture specializing in northern grower needs. Organic Grower Supply is one of their departments, it is open all year long, and they have a large and growing number of products for sustainable and nutrient dense growing. The online catalog is easy to use and besides the many amendments they carry, they have tools and books. They have foliar sprays, drenches, fertilizers and many products usable on organic fields. Their goal is to support growers of all sizes, keep seed supplies pure, and provide the means for members to grow a tomato in a pot on the porch or ten acres of tomatoes.

Growers Supply, A Division of Farmtek

1440 Field of Dreams Way, Dyersville, IA 52040
Phone: 800 476 9715

They have every piece of equipment you need - foliar sprayers, field drip components, hoop house materials, plant support, you name it. Their catalog is like Christmas morning. They don't sell soil amendments of any kind, but if you have them and want to put them on your fields, they have the equipment.

North Country Organics

P.O. Box 372 Depot Street, Bradford, VT 05033
Phone: 802 222 4277 | Fax 802 222 9661

North Country Organics was created in 1983 to promote agriculture that did not upset the delicate eco-system with harmful chemicals. Each of their products has information on the product and sometimes, how to apply it. Note that they sell in truck loads only unless buyers are willing to pay the full freight or partial orders. A list of local dealers is posted on their web site and these local dealers sell in smaller amounts. In addition they have a series of articles on such diverse topics as forage seed planting guide, bushel weight table and C:N ratio of various waste materials.

Rock Dust Local, LLC

Bridport, VT 05734
Phone: 802 758 2220

Rock Dust Local is the first commercial enterprise to specifically identify, source and deliver to growers LOCAL and regional rock dust mineral resources. It is a processor and distributor of 100% natural mineral and organic soil building materials for use in farming, forestry, horticulture, landscaping, and gardening. Rock Dust Local offers single source or complex blends, and special formulations according to particular soil analysis as well as micro and macro nutrient blends and fixed carbon sources for nutrient dense production methods. A catalog of rock dust offerings is available on their website. Rock Dust Local encourages the use of the broad elemental spectrum rock dust minerals and organic biologic inputs to counter the corrosive effects of soil acidification, nutrient depletion and toxicity. The business model encourages integration with localization movements and nutrient dense food production globally.

Bio-Inoculant Providers

This is a basic list of suppliers of bio-inoculants across the country, organized by closest to our region. Follow these links to peruse products and prices for your operations.