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This page holds links to various interviews with Dan Kittredge, and audio recordings from workshops, podcasts and presentations. Check back regularly as we add to this archive.

"Ep 5. Dan Kittredge of the Bionutrient Food Association"

In this episode of The Thriving Farmer podcast, Dan presents a paradigm shift in how to think about managing soil and growing crops, how the nutrient density of crops has decreased over time and how human health is related to soil health, and why microbes and remineralization are key to having healthy soil. He shares how he and collaborators around the world are working to develop a consumer device to test nutrient density at point of purchase.

"Reading Nutrient Density to Improve the Quality of Our Food"

The Reversing Climate Change Podcast with NORI: March 2019 — Our current agricultural systems produce food with little nutritional value. And even the products labeled organic are not necessarily more nutrient dense. We assume that every carrot is as healthy as the next, but in truth, there is enormous variation and our existing standards assess process—not quality. So, is there a reliable way to determine the nutritional value of a particular food? To compare one carrot with another and make an informed decision on what to buy?

"Dan Kittredge: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch"

Bulletproof Radio Podcast: May 2016 — About organic farming, finding quality vegetables, supplementing your diet, nutrient-rich foods and a simple diet. Enjoy!
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"Growing Nutrient Dense Food with Dan Kittredge"

Permaculture Realized Podcast: April 2016 — A wide-ranging and inspiring discussion about the mission and goals of the BFA, touching on numerous topics such as: secondary metabolites in food correlating with flavor and nutritive value, problems with & bridges between agricultural methods and movements, the importance of microbial activity and fungi to access nutrients, healthy plants and inherent pest and disease resistance, biochemical effects of bionutrient rich food on our bodies, food as medicine, potential impacts of healthy soil on healthcare and economy, and nutrition & consciousness. To name a few.

Audio Recording from November 2015 Bionutrient-Rich Crop Production Course in Athens, OH

Recorded and shared by a course participant - thank you!

"For EATERS & GROWERS: Soil is KEY to Quality Food"

March 2013 - Audio from the second day of a two-day workshop in New York City. Dan discusses the basic principles as well as the nuts and bolts of growing bionutrient-rich food.
Part 1 / Part 2

Dan Kittredge on Pioneer Valley Free Radio

Discussing basic principles of growing bionutrient-rich food and the ongoing efforts of BFA to promote the return of nutrient-rich food.
via "Farm to Fork" on Valley Free Radio

Dan Kittredge with Patrick Timpone's One Radio Network

Dan speaks about the importance of healthy soil in the production of nutrient dense foods, and offers ideas from choosing the right seeds to soil preparation and watering.
via OneRadio Network

Dan Kittredge with KMO on the C-Realm

Dan and KMO talk about soil, nutrition, and the problems inherent in a conventional agronomic sensibility that focuses too narrowly on chemistry, and so fails to integrate the idea of life into the analysis of what kinds of conditions and interactions give rise to nutritionally dense food crops. As Dan puts it, "It's the results that speak."
via the C-Realm Podcast

Dan Kittredge in Conversation With Alan Chartock on WAMC Radio

A nice overview of bionutrient principles and practices.
via WAMC Northeast Public Radio

Audio Recordings from 2011 Bionutrient-Rich Crop Production Course

Recorded and shared by a course participant at The Mountain School, VT.