The Bionutrient Food Association (BFA) provides support in quality crop production, helping producers achieve higher bionutrient levels. Shifting the paradigm of crop production towards quality comes with a host of other benefits including increased yield, more flavorful crops, and longer shelf life.

Building Grower Unity

Take a stand with the Association. Now many different kinds of farming approaches and modalities – conventional, organic, local, biodynamic, permaculture – can unite under on shared banner: the banner of high Bionutrient levels. We can grow healthier, tastier crops on land that is vital and ecologically sound. We can gain a market edge for doing what is in the best interest of human health and our planet.

What’s in it for me?

The last century of farming practices has taught us that quantity and quality are not mutually exclusive – banging out the most produce possible at any cost has a long term drawback – decreased soil and crop quality. These side effects have an implied impact on our health.

Farming techniques that increase bionutrient levels may be occasionally be more expensive at first, but save money over time through increased soil fertility and decreased applications of fertilizers, pesticides etc. The resulting crops demonstrate higher yields, prolonged shelf life, and more flavor. Additional gains are made through drought and flood resistance due to improved cellular strength in the plants and greater flocculation of the soil.

Consumers and food movement groups are catching on – and looking for healthier food. And we are developing the tool to help them find it. Join with us to become a part of a shift in the food systems paradigm – giving people choice, health and a connection to the land that nourishes their bodies and their spirits.

Get the Primer

The BFA holds events, workshops and lectures for growers all throughout the Northeast US. There are often scholarships available through generous foundations that value the work that we do. Check out our upcoming workshops and events schedule.

Acquire Some Tools

Follow the links on the site to further your understanding and access the materials and information you need to succeed in the quest for high quality crop production. Stay tuned for a Bionutrient Handbook, being developed by the nation’s leading edge alternative farming experts and farmers. This hard copy and online resource will include sections on:

  • Year-long agenda for growing food with high levels of Bionutrients,
  • Basic Protocols
  • Soil fertility Principles
  • Pests and Disease
  • Upkeep and Critical Resources

Join the Growing Community

Invest in a grower membership, which will allow you to create a profile describing your produce, the protocols that work for you, and what you have to offer and share about producing crops with high levels of bionutrients. This social network will connect you to families looking for high quality food, retailers and business who promote it, and leading edge experts in nutrition, soil science and plant biology.

Get Connected

Our network includes lists of premier consultants around the country who are indispensable to farmers hoping to make this transition rapidly and seamlessly. We also link to the companies for soil tests, mineral assays of crops, books and educational material and most importantly sources of biological amendments for your soil.

Best luck in your work to constantly improve your soil, crops and viability.