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Hartford, CT

This local chapter is located in/near Hartford, CT.
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To join our email list, you can sign up at http://eepurl.com/bkqw5b

To learn a little bit more about this Chapter and it's history, click here for an interview with former co-leaders Kris McCue and Mark Cegielski.

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Chapter Benefits & Projects: 
  • Mineral Depot
    - Take advantage of sharing reduced bulk shipping rates, and splitting bulk items for less than individual sized pkgs
  • Monthly Chapter Meetings
    - Gatherings held once a month in locations within Hartford County
    - Speakers educate on a variety of soil-health and food-health topics
    - Network with fellow regenerative farmers and gardeners
    - Meet local growers of regeneratively grown foods
  • Soil Testing Assistance
    - BFA offers special rate on soil testing via Logan Labs in Ohio
    - Support for interpreting soil test results and sourcing amendments, referrals to soil consultants
  • Food Co-op
    - Kris McCue has been a coordinator of a local organic food co-op for many years helping farmers make direct connections with consumers. She is enthusiastic to help others form new food co-operatives and buying clubs.
  • Discounts
    - BFA members get discounts for BFA-sponsored events and classes, soil and health books, and more
  • Sharing Resources
    - In progress is a lending library of books, magazines and dvd's related to bionutrient growing, soil health, minerals, soil testing, and more
Chapter Outreach
  • Grower and Consumer Education
    - Speakers at our monthly meetings address a variety of topics related to soil health, biological growing, and the importance of minerals to crop-health and human-health
  • Host discussions on food quality
  • Food quality research
    - Learn to use a refractometer to test food quality
  • Networking with Allied Organizations
    - Tour of farms practicing regenerative farming and remineralizing
    - Classes in growing and harvesting nutrient dense foods
    - Build relationships with local farmerʼs markets and organizations focused on the correlation between food-quality and human health-quality such as the Weston A. Price Foundation
Upcoming Events & Meetings: 

We hold regularly scheduled meetings and events. To see the latest, check out our calendar at http://bfa.regenerativeag.net/CT/.

In 2020, meetings will be varying day/time. Sign up for our email list, or like our Facebook page or join our Facebook group to keep up with the latest happenings. See menu at left for links to email list and Facebook.


Note:  After thoughtful review of recent developments related to COVID-19, chapter event scheduling will be fluid, an unfortunate but necessary step in order to reduce the risk of exposure to our many friends and colleagues. To stay in the loop, sign up for our email list, or like our Facebook page or join our Facebook group (links in the sidebar to the left).


We also have a YouTube channel that we are populating with valuable information and workshop excerpts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8A7jrDaMQZxbjZTW60lcvg.