Chapter Leader Handbook


Serving as a local chapter leader should not require a lot of money, or any money at all. Chapters can charge a fee for printed newsletters, seminars featuring paid speakers, and classes.

Bank Accounts

For normal chapter activities, you can set up a checking account in your own name, which will allow you to keep the chapter finances separate from your personal finances. Please do not run your chapter finances through a personal business account - it’s important to keep the books separate.

If your chapter wishes to engage in activities requiring local funding, or activities that would incur considerable expense (such as a conference), or if someone would like a tax deduction for a large contribution to your local activities, you can set up a "doing business as" (DBA) account in your name and the name of the Association, one that allows you to take advantage of our tax exempt status. If you would like to do this, please let us know and we will send you guidelines. You will be required to sign a simple contract with the BFA and submit a financial report at the end of each year. However, we need to emphasize the fact that for most local chapters, a personal bank account will suffice.

BFA Not Responsible for Debts Incurred by Local Chapters

Please note that the BFA shall not be responsible for any debt or financial obligation incurred by a local chapter.